The Real New Face of Melrose

March 6, 2015

Almost 1 year ago I published a post titled ‘The New Face of Melrose’. 

After receiving a very compelling phone call from a reliable source telling me that a brewery, (Mill St), would be taking over the space of the former iconic Red Mile bar & restaurant in Calgary, AB, I made the decision to share the information with my readers.

Within a week my story had went viral and it seemed that the whole city was a-buzz with the news.

Then, to my dismay, Mill St. sent out a press release denying the claim and no other company stepped up to take the onus. I was confused and a tad bit embarrassed…

Could my ‘reliable’ source not have been reliable at all?! 

But as it turns out, the story wasn’t that far off and as a matter of fact, other than a name mishap, all of the details about the new brewery were in fact VERY accurate.


The new owners will re-invent the space, and will be investing by installing a fully functioning brewery on the bottom floor.

And as of yesterday, the name behind the ‘who’ was finally revealed.

Trolley 5 Brew Co.

And as for the rest of the ‘new’ news…. Well it’s all in my story from a year ago.

Looks like my source was fairly reliable after all!

Mr. Fab rew co.


Looking forward to reading your comments!