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Cooking with Panasonic

January 20, 2015

I’m still drooling from my one-of-a-kind Panasonic event invite. An evening of fabulous food and gorgeous kitchen design hosted by Toronto Chef Craig Harding from top restaurant: Campagnolo, and one of Canada’s leading design experts, the incredible Janette Ewen.


I had zero idea Panasonic was in the kitchen appliance business. But – I soon learned they sold more than chic coffee makers and toasters – they recently released a line of built-in, state-of-the-art appliances including a microwave, induction cooktop and convection oven.


These beauties don’t just look great; Janette explained how they easily could be incorporated into any existing kitchen while Chef Harding demo’d how they turn cooking into an easy breezy dream come true.

As they spoke, I made myself busy eating all of anything that was put before me.


Hazelnut crusted deep fried veal chop… On your cooktop?
Duck confit done to perfection… In one pot?
The creamiest, most luxurious chocolate cake… In a microwave?
And finally, a pizza cooked to crispy perfection… In just three minutes?!… YES!


I once food poisoned my family. Yup, I took them all down on Thanksgiving. Unevenly cooked turkey was the culprit.

Don’t worry about sharing the gift of salmonella with your loved ones this year, as Panasonic’s Built-in Convection Oven continuously circulates hot air so consistent temperatures are achieved, faster. Wouldn’t that have been handy for me four Thanksgivings ago?!


I can’t believe I just shared that traumatic story with you. Thanks for the catharsis…

And finally, I know I hate scraping the bits of burned on gravy and mystery grime from my coiled cook top the morning after a big dinner party. I long for a seamless, coil-less, induction cooktop like this one, one day. No knobs or buttons to clean – just a smooth glass top that cleans in a snap.


So, if St. Nick didn’t deliver the kitchen of dreams to you this Christmas, your birthday is coming up… I’m sure it is.

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