Your First Look at CORBEAUX Bakehouse

December 21, 2014

Tomorrow is a big day for the food lovers of Calgary, as the space that once held “Melrose” along the iconic 17th Avenue re-opens to the public with a whole new look and fresh face.


Welcome to Corbeaux Bakehouse!


A beautifully decorated space with what seems like miles of mesmerizing pastry cases…


Tonight we were able to walk through what a day in Corbeaux Bakehouse is all about.


First we started with morning cocktails, like the ‘Saska-Tune Up’ with Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur, Saskatoon Berry Jam and fresh Lemon Juice.


… And shared some delicious brunch items like scrambled eggs, in-house smoked cured bacon and fresh tomato jam!!!

Not looking to sit down?… Perhaps a grab & go bakery item is more your pace.


Then, it was a lite snack prior to lunch. Wine, fries and some of the most succulent scallops bathed in miso & grapefruit.


It’s lunchtime and I’m feeling a bit peckish… Thank goodness because the next course started to roll out.

Crispy Duck Wings with a ‘habit forming’ sweet chili glaze.


And a generous side of hot & sour meatballs with steam bread served with bean paste & chilli sauce.


Cut the meat balls in half and make a mini meatball sub!


Flavourful and delightful.

Time to wash it all down: cocktail break!

The creative Fratello Revalation which houses so many ingredients, I’d be over my monthly word count if I mentioned them, and the very ‘manly’ Drunkwater & Notre Dame (which tastes like the hardworking man you’ve just met in the hardware store).


Trust me: one sip and you’ll understand the reference. Deliciously aggressive!

Now, on to the comfort food for dinnertime! Nothing can quite compare the owner’s Mom’s Classic Pasta Sauce recipe!
It’ll be their Sunday night special.


And for me to have the chance to sit down and enjoy it with her son Chris… My most memorable food moment of 2014.

Just when I thought the menu couldn’t offer up any more options, out came a Warm Panzanella (bread salad with mixed greens & roasted tomatoes) and a generous wedge of Valdeon Blue cheese with port-washed prunes


But alas.. All good things must come to an end. After a marathon that lasted hours longer than most, the last course – dessert – was served.


Warm mini doughnuts rolled in sugar with a luxurious sized portion of lemon curd… Opulence!

As the lights dimmed on a fantastic evening, I sipped a latte as I perused the pastry case one last time


And with my willpower completely weakened from all of the incredible creations, I loaded up on some more for the walk home.


Corbeaux Bakehouse will be open from 6 am until 1 am, and menus will include everything your heart could desire.

Congratulations Russ and Chris on your impeccable concept, and to your entire team for offering such a wonderful destination to visit!

Mr. Fab eaux

Looking forward to reading your comments!