A New Way to Steak

November 18, 2014

Last night I boarded the ‘J Train’ and headed into ‘Brooklyn’ to check out the new digs of one of my old favourite restaurants…

On October 17th – after an intense 3.5 month renovation – Kensington’s former Muse restaurant reopened with a new look, a new name and a whole new concept.

Modern Steak

MODERN steak calgary AB Kensigton (4)

A delicate restaurant that departs from what you’d think of when it comes to a ‘steak house’, Modern Steak is very much fresh, vibrant and airy.

An open interior atrium keeps the atmosphere light and bright, while the soft seating allows you to sink in and get comfy.

MODERN steak calgary AB Kensigton (3)

I had a chance to speak with Proprietor Stephen Deere about the change in direction for the landmark restaurant in Kensington, and here’s what he had to say:

(These are my words as I remember them, not a direct quote)

“It was time to make a switch. Muse was fine dining that appealed to food-knowledgable savvy diners. I realized I’m an entertainer and less of an educator. I want people to enjoy a good meal that they are familiar with, in an environment that lets them feel comfortable… Come as you are!”

And that’s just the sense I got as I sampled the food: quality food with no pretension.


Modern Steak will host weekly features like “Half Priced Wine Wednesday” with a $12 cheese fondue, and “Buck a Shuck Thursday“.

Still, on the menu you’ll find a mix of soups, salads, seafood, chicken, pork chops… And even a burger to enjoy as a main course.

And for those visitors who come for the steak, you’ll be treated to Alberta’s finest.

MODERN steak calgary AB Kensigton (1)

That’s because Modern Steak is the only steak house in Calgary that will exclusively use beef from the province.

No trains, planes or semi-trailers, the beef will come from local single farm ranchers.

So ditch the blazer and loosen the belt, it’s time to relax and enjoy some ‘Alberta Beef’!

Mr. Fab eef tartar

Looking forward to reading your comments!