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BCSC Fashion with Compassion Gala

October 3, 2014

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but for many women the reality of Breast Cancer isn’t contained to a specific month.

In 2014, an estimated 2200 women in Alberta will be diagnosed and 400 women will die of breast cancer.

A reality that needs the support year round.

This past weekend I attended Fashion with Compassion, an amazing fundraising event in support of Breast Cancer Supportive Care.


That afternoon over lunch, I was introduced to a world of beautiful survivors and their families that refused to let the disease own their life.

BCSC Fashion with Compassion Gala (6)

The charity gala focused on the stories of survival and the supportive aftercare the women received from the BCSC.

And based on the smiles and confidence that hit the runway during a 4 part fashion show, it was clear that the services delivered by the team of healthcare professionals were top-notch.

BCSC Fashion with Compassion Gala (4)

This gala was a celebration of health, and what was proposed as a ‘quick lunch time event’  was in fact an all out affair.

BCSC Fashion with Compassion Gala (2)

In addition to the fashion extravaganza, the afternoon included a mimosa reception, afternoon aperitif, silent & live auctions, a 3 course plated menu and a photo booth which captured the playful side of the guests, this indeed was party that saw no end.


The love and life that swirled the party was infectious and the creativity was flowing!

BCSC Fashion with Compassion Gala (5)

When the gala concluded a total of $155,000 was donated. The money raised will go towards the continuous operation of the clinic so more patients and families can benefit from BCSC’s services.

Thank you to all the selfless volunteers and the dedicated health care professionals for offering such comprehensive programs which help breast cancer patients navigate the many physical, psychological and emotional side effects that arise from breast cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatment.

BCSC Fashion with Compassion Gala (3)

Thank you for helping these women continue to shine bright!

Mr. Fab

  • It is also important mention that men are also susceptible to breast cancer. A reminder to self check and contact a health care professional should you have a concern. The BCSC is also there to assist you and your family as well.

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