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NMC Out Loud Gala

September 24, 2014

Last week was the Week of Galas and one of the most unique ones blended all the key ingredients of food and drink, yet guided the evening’s overall experience through music.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (12)

Winning the award for ‘Best Keep Secret in Calgary’, the National Music Centre doesn’t plan on ever taking home that title again.

It was their first large scale Gala that sang, “Look at us!”

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (8)

Now, although Calgary has been looking at the construction site for the new home of the NMC in the East Village for a while (their planned completion date is Summer 2016), their current ‘hidden home’ is located on the main floor of a DT building (134 11 Ave SE).

But on Friday their costumes and musicians were out on the town to share their talent with the world.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (6)

From Chris Maric, who played instruments that made sounds from interrupting sound waves, to a beat boxer paired with an operatic songstress, the crowd was led throughout the venue much like children by a pied piper.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (2)

As the mobile audience followed, food and drinks were laid out in abundance.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (9)

There were creative cocktails mixed with Pisco (produced from fermented grapes), a scotch bar, and endless wine.

And then there was the food… Interesting buns stuffed with meats, a sushi bar, cheese station and a seafood display loaded with shrimp and crab flanked by a giant saxophone ice sculpture.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (15)

As the guest count increased, the party began to spill outside.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (16)

Desserts were plentiful and a white tent decked out with crystal chandeliers was eagerly awaiting the star attraction.

5 time Juno award winner for Fan Favourite, Johnny Reid!

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (11)

As he took the stage the crowd began to dance, and for the next 45 minutes a full-on party ensued.

From current hits like ‘Fire It Up’ to his newest release ‘Sugar, Sugar’, Johnny Ried had us all in a state of musical bliss.

And his performance wasn’t void of surprises.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (3)

Not only did he pluck a fan from the audience to perform a duet with, he also brought evening’s host Tara Slone, also a Juno nominee, back on stage to back him up during a rendition of ‘Mustang Sally’.

NMC Outloud gala Johhny Reid (13)

After the talent took their final bow the crowd began to disperse, with memories of a musical evening and the proof that Canada’s National Music Centre will no longer remain the secret it once was!

Mr. Fab music centre

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