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September 3, 2014

Yesterday I touched down in the “City That Never Sleeps”: New York City.

Today is the official start of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (aka NYC Fashion Week)!
There will be hundreds of shows, and during this week the world will get their first glimpse into the designer’s Spring/Summer 2015 collections.

Excitement levels are high, but with each show an eclectic mix of reviews will be had.

Over the next 2 weeks I’ll take you front row and backstage, sharing stories and photos as I attend several amazing shows during NYFW.

But first up, like Carolina Herrera who hates the “crop top”, I dish on 3 fashions that I pray won’t play a role in the upcoming S/S15 season.

1. Birkenstocks


How did these make a return? Sure, back in the 90’s I was envious of my friends whose parents had made the shoe splurge for them. But like the scrunchie, I think this fashion statement should have been left in the time capsule.

2. Shoulder Coats


Are you hot or are you cold? This trend in layering makes no sense and it has me praying for a wind storm that’ll whip that coat right of your fashionably misguided shoulders.

3. Cat Hats


Yes, this hat looks cute in a Instagram or fashion spread… But trust me when I tell you, the guy your courting would rather introduce you to his mother with your greasy roots showing than with you donning this juvenile trend.

With fashion forever changing, I’m hoping these trends will be gone with the wind.

Now off to the races for an exciting, fun filled NYC Fashion Week.

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