Swimco Stretches with Phantom

August 14, 2014

“It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…” Except your swimsuit!

It’s time to head to your closet, toss out your ratty, soupy ol’ swimsuit and take in the rest of summer in comfort and style.

And because I too needed something new, I popped on to Swimco’s  online store.

As I browsed through their selection, I was intrigued when I saw something called the ‘Phantom’ by Hurley.


The Phantom promises a ‘4-way flex’… And because I love diving, cannon balling and swimming pool handstand competitions, I knew I needed to order these!

Bright patterns and muted gradients, the colour options on these are perfect for any personality, but for me it was a mix of oranges that caught my eye.


Off for a day of rafting down the river, these trunks offered all the comfort in the world.

The stretchy fabric let we wiggle around in the boat and the tie waist kept me ‘crack free’ when I hopped in and out of the water to cool down.

But the best part was the light, quick dry fabric that had me comfortably floating while my boat mates stewed in their own juices.

Swimco has really sourced the perfect suit!

So with so much summer left, I suggest you treat yourself to something new, exciting and super comfortable!

It’s time to look & feel fabulously confident!

Mr. Fab flex

Looking forward to reading your comments!