How Do You Roll? Edo Japan Sushi Showdown

July 30, 2014

I love to take on a project where I can develop a concept and create something that reflects the Fab message. I’ve designed lamps, reimagined chairs, and collaborated on several food items over the years. So of course I would say yes to creating a unique sushi roll! Only problem is that I’m still out on secret wilderness assignment… So again, I sent my Editor (Rob) in my place…

If you know me at all, you know that I only like one thing less than grocery shopping… COOKING! So it may come as a surprise to you that I had such a blast competing in Edo Japan’s first ever sushi rolling competition!

(Ok ok, I guess I didn’t technically “cook”… But food assembly and preparation in general, for people other than myself, with specific rules and a 20 minute time limit: even higher stress levels).

Last night, Edo Japan invited 7 Calgary (mostly food centric) bloggers to compete in a heated sushi roll-off to create the most “unique and delicious” roll. The judging parameters were: presentation, creativity/risk taking, and taste. Each competitor was allowed to bring two secret ingredients to use alongside Edo’s full selection of sushi staples.


Mr. Fab consulted members of the Fab team and came up with a concept, but at the last minute when he was unable to go, I got sent in his place: no pressure!

He sent me with detailed instructions and diagrams, but as the location manager gave a rolling demo, I quickly realized I had never rolled sushi before. Not only that: The plans indicated that I wouldn’t be using nori (seaweed wrapping).


No time to stress: the “Fab Fiesta Roll” was about to be created! A collection of Mexican flavours presented in a Japanese style. The blending of ideas, people and places into Fabulous-ness is what Fab’s all about… So it felt like a winning concept! The clock started and I began seasoning the Sukiyaki Beef with taco seasoning, and mixing in diced jalapeños… “10 minutes left” I heard.

Oh boy, Time to roll! After adding some cucumber and a little spicy mayo on the rice, I rolled it successfully (!) and plated with some “guacamole” & peppers with 1 minute to spare.


A moment of relief until I remembered that I was about to be subjected to judges eating it… In front of me! And then declaring a winner.


And Although there was a lot at stake: not only bragging rights, but Edo Japan for one year… The Fab Fiesta Roll did not take home the grand prize, rather it was the person who brought the blow torch (cough and perhaps 5 secret ingredients instead of 2? cough) who ultimately won.

Regardless, we took a risk, had some fun, and made a pretty Fabulous roll (I tried it… I think with a few more ingredients and a bit more time, it could be the next big thing!)

Editor Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!