Organic Beauty – Neal’s Yard Remedies Opens in Calgary

July 29, 2014

This week, I’ll be away in the wilderness on a very special project, I even had to sign a non-disclosure agreement… As such the FAB team will taking our Editor out from behind the screen and thrusting him in to the lime light to attend some pretty spectacular events. Last night was his first!…

Last night, I was treated to some organic bites and wine while I discovered a new-to-Canada brand of beauty products. Neal’s Yard Remedies began in the UK in 1981 and has expanded to 20 countries. But it is only now that they’ve arrived to Canada, having chosen Calgary’s popular Mission area for their first North American location.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but what I found was very exciting! After chatting with one of the knowledgable members of the family that is opening the store, Lisa Costello (the CEO of the expansion), I learned that the pretty products are sustainable, ethical, and organic; part of a carefully curated supply chain that they are very proud of

Neal’s has skincare, cosmetics, remedies, aromatherapy and even home fragrance. It is this crossover between health and beauty that is so important to the brand: as Susan Curtis, Director of Natural Health, said “inner health and outer beauty are connected”, and you can see that message clearly throughout the store in their wholistic products and packaging. 

I was intrigued… Time to try out some products. I was pleasantly surprised at the calm and gentle scents I came across: no overpowering florals here. 

While most of their products are good for men and women, they do have a small selection of “NYR Men” products, and they were delightful just like everything else; I’ve continually been smelling the spot on my arm that I sprayed with the cologne, it feels subtle, clean, healthy

This location also has a treatment room where they currently do Facial Cupping… A process that again speaks to both health and beauty as it is not only good for the sinuses and problems like TMJ, but is also skin firming.

To top off the great event, I was scent home (pun intended) with a full size sample of their signature Wild Rose Beauty Balm! And although it has many uses, I was instructed to put it on my face before bed and I will awake “feeling amazing”… 

Welcome to Calgary Neal’s Yard Remedies, I’ll see you soon for some facial spray and shave cream!

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