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Agent Provocateur Fatale

July 16, 2014

It’s bridal season and it seems every girl I know has an upcoming shower, bachelorette party or wedding to attend.

I’ve also been invited to take part in these pre-marriage rituals with my girlfriends… And what I’ve witnessed has been anything but tame.

All my straight-guy friends think they know…. But trust me, they’ve got no idea.

Now when you show up at one of these many pre-parties it’s customary to bring a gift. The usual lingerie and ‘black bagged’ items are always gifted in abundance.

But I’ve always wanted my gift to stand out, and now with the help of my friends at Agent Provocateur, you and your next gift will stand out too!

Fatale perfume

Undoubtedly the sexiest and most highly coveted intimate apparel brand, Agent Provocateur has launched their newest fragrance exclusive to Hudson’s Bay titled, ‘Fatale’.

The fragrance encapsulates elegance and temptation, and is inspired by the 1940’s Hollywood femme fatale.

I’ve run the scent by a few of my guy friend’s noses and the results are exactly what you ladies are looking for!

To me it’s mysterious, moody and dangerous!

Now Agent Provocateur knows how important my girlfriends are to me and as such they want to send two lucky readers a 50ml bottle of ‘Fatale’  and – something I hope I never will see on them – a set of pasties for you and your partner to enjoy!

Agent Provocateur Fatale

That’s right, the whole package says “Flirt with Danger!”

As always you’ll have two ways to enter.

#1. Tweet the following:

I’ll flirt with danger thanks the new fragrance #AgentProvocateurFatale from @TheMissAP & @immrfabulous!


#2. Comment Below:

Tell us, What did you gift at your last Shower, bachelorette party or wedding?

I personally gave money and a bunt pan (It was on their registry).

Entries will close in 1 week, and 2 winner will randomly be selected and contacted (Open to Canadian residents only).


Good luck and get ready to flirt!

Mr. Fab fatale


  1. Oh I a month full of bachelorettes, weddings and bridal showers coming up so I could definitely have some fun with this! I’m buying some gifts this weekend straight of the registry but this would be a naughty addition to the bachelorette!

  2. Love love love agent provocateur! For my last bachelorette party I ended up having to work till 11:00 pm, and I found out the girls had nothing to do between bowling and the night club so I decided they needed a party bus. I unfortunately wasn’t able to be on it and had to join later, but the stories I heard were amazing! From stripper pole to getting the server to dance on it. These girls went crazy!

  3. I Love AP- this is a terrific contest!
    I flew far away for the last wedding I went to, and was told not to gift anything, so I disobeyed and threw in a fancy bottle of champagne. Can’t wait for my next wedding..

  4. I gave my boyfriends sister a prepaid visa and a list of the best online lingerie shops. Figured she might as well pick something she’ll like and that way I didn’t have to know what she ended up getting.

  5. I bought them dinner at their favourite brasserie in Paris where they were honeymooning and got croissants delivered to their hotel room the next morning

  6. I bought them dinner at their favourite brasserie in Paris where they were honeymooning and got croissants delivered to their hotel room the next morning

  7. I was a M.O.H for my friend Theresa and at her bridal shower I actually gifted her a sexy little garter from Agent Provocateur to wear under her dress on the big day.

  8. I gifted a VS gift card and VS body lotion at the last bridal shower I attended. The ‘Fatale’ fragrance would be perfect to gift at one of the bridal showers I am attending this summer! So. Many. Weddings.

  9. I went directly to the brides registry and bought some beautiful candle holders!

    Btw, this fragrance had me at the name… ‘Fatale’. I love all things vixen, boudoir, etc 🙂

Looking forward to reading your comments!