Brunching at NOtaBLE

July 2, 2014

I love Sunday brunch, but buffets are not for me. By the time I drag myself out of bed (usually around noon), I’m left scrapping cold, over cooked eggs off the side of chaffing dishes.

And when I’m paying a premium price for eggs, I’m looking for more than a scrambled liquid.

So say “Good morning” (or afternoon) to NOtaBLE!


Surely if you’ve lived in or have visited Calgary you’ve heard of this in-the-know institution.

Quality creative menus designed by Chef Michael Noble have been keeping the restaurant’s patrons delightfully satisfied over the past few years.

I’ve eaten there on several occasions for lunch & dinner, but word of their brunch menu was news to me!

Beginning only at 11am, this brunch was certainly thought of for people like me. But they haven’t excluded the early to rise.

In addition to the breakfasty items, the menu is stacked with other famed NOtaBLE dishes like its classic rotisserie chicken and their mouth watering self named burger which will have you asking for an extra napkin.

But it was breakfast I was there for, so I covered up half the menu and made my choice.

The NOtaBLE Skillet


Made with soft poached eggs, spicy chorizo sausage, creamy goat cheese, drizzles of brown butter hollandaise and served with a ‘torta Espanola’ this dish was so fancy I almost went home and put on a tux before I ate it.

This dish’s ingredients were worth well more than its $16 price point, not to mention it was served with fresh in-house made toast, buttered to perfection!

I was so impressed I couldn’t stop myself from ordering more.


Their house cured smoked salmon served with house made rye flat bread, pickled onions, capers and fresh whipped dill cream cheese.

I may have cried.

This was probably one of the most interesting, flavourful complex menus I’ve eaten. And although the plates were dressed like swirling socialites, the warm atmosphere of the actual restaurant made me feel comfortable and right at home.


So next weekend sleep late, then grab a friend who’s used to an average breakfast and deliciously blow their mind at NOtaBLE.

Mr. Fab runch

Looking forward to reading your comments!