The Sunshine Bubble Ball

June 20, 2014

On Wednesday evening I attended an event that has left me with lasting memories of love, happiness and bubbles!


The Sunshine Bubble Ball, in benefit of the Life Saving Care at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, was a gala honouring the memory of Sofia Kanjee. A little girl who was so full of light that just seeing her face would warm your heart.


Growing up, Sofia, with her brothers and sister, would often fill the kitchen sink, dumping in liquid soap, just so they could watch the bubbles soar.
Their joyful laughter would fill the house and it seemed as if there was not a care in the world.

But then the unthinkable happened and Sofia was suddenly gone.

It was an unimaginable loss for the Kanjees.

The family began to heal and the Sunshine Bubble Ball came to fruition with the idea to spread the love & happiness Sofia had so much of! The gala was a perfect fit to do just that!


Bubbles filled the stairwells of the Telus Spark, and balloon flower centre pieces adorned each of the many cocktail tables.


Friends, family and supporters sipped on complimentary champagne as a world class bubble artist performed for our entertainment.

As bubbles swirled around the room, you could feel the love that Sofia had left the world.


Guests continued the evening by snacking on bags of candy, Sofia’s favourite, as they mixed and mingled with each other.


Then, as the lights to the stage dimmed, 4 shadows appeared: it was The Tenors.


For the next hour we were treated to a beautifully intimate performance from the group which we learned played “an instrumental part in the family’s healing.”


The night was not only a night to remember but a night to celebrate the story of love and life.

It was a night to celebrate Sofia!

Mr. Fab ubble

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