Little Monsters Get Noticed

June 10, 2014

Less than 12 hours after sweating the night away and singing at the top of our lungs with Gaga, we jam-packed our car with colourful supplies, recruited another little monster and hit the road for round 2 with Lady Gaga and her artRAVE tour.

Yesterday I shared our fashion inspiration for our first outfits, but Ashley – the talent behind LingerieBomb – is never one to repeat a look and insisted we needed new get-ups.

gaga wig artRAVE concert

It was time to go big or go home!

After scouring the internet and sourcing from fan photos, Ashley had a clear vision of what she needed to do to pull together her next Gaga inspired look!

gaga costume skirt artRAVE

Countless hours later, the end result was revealed.

Lady Gaga artRAVE Edmonton Ashley

A look so perfect that even Gaga, once again, took notice and tweeted her approval out to her 41 million twitter followers!

Ashley Autum xo tweeted by lady gaga

Ashley’s outfit was so detailed and time consuming the decision to go simplistic with mine was made.

In keeping with the theme of my prior evening’s outfit, we turned the hotel bathroom into a workshop and quickly created my new look.

Processed with Moldiv

With outfits ready we were out the door and into a taxi.

The pressure was on and the stakes were high.

As our yellow chariot pulled up and we stepped out of the vehicle, photos were immediately snapped and our hard work was immortalized in print.


We were now not only on Gaga’s radar but the local media’s as well! It seemed the chance of a meeting her was closer than ever.

But would it be our outfits that would get us backstage?

Some hair,  a bear, and a raver girl

Lady Gaga artRAVE Edmonton Ashley Mr Fab Rob

Not willing to risk it all on some fabric and plastic our team had a few other tricks in store!

Tomorrow I’ll share how we upped the ante and improved our odds.

Mr. Fab ig bear

Looking forward to reading your comments!