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Slapping on The Fancy: Flower Vase DIY

June 2, 2014

Flowers are out in full force and I wanted to display mine in something other than the boring glass IKEA vases I’ve been using all winter.

Time for some Spice!

With some leftover paint I had from another DIY project, I decided to channel my inner Martha and slap some fancy on it.

Here’s how I did it:

First – paint the entire vase in whatever colour you want as your base colour.


Then, using painter’s tape, tape over the area you don’t want painted your highlight colour.


I chose a metallic bronzy colour to highlight and found a great spray paint to try out.


Spray paint is messy and can stain, so make sure you cover up your manicure with your sexiest rubber gloves.


I went outside for this next step to ensure I didn’t get bronze where it shouldn’t be. Evenly spraying all the exposed areas, try not to be too heavy handed with the spray paint, as the drips will show on your final product.

Realizing half-way through the process I had painted the top and bottom of the vase, I needed a way to allow it to dry evenly and safely without ruining the paint job. Again, thinking ‘What Would Martha Do’ – I saw a lonely broom begging to be of assistance.


Thirty minutes later I unpeeled the painter’s tape to reveal my creation. The metallic paint did bleed a teeny bit onto my base, so I took a fine-tipped, angled make-up brush and cleaned up the edges with a touch more base colour.

And ta da! In under 45 minutes I had this little Spring-fresh beauty.


Impress your friends and give it a try!

M Fab Stewart

Looking forward to reading your comments!