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Evening Under The Stars

May 8, 2014

Undoubtedly one of my favourite places on earth is Palm Springs. The beautiful weather of Southern California is consistent: blue skies, warm temperatures and light breezes allow the small mid-century modern city to play host to some pretty spectacular events throughout the year.

And this past weekend, thanks to a very generous invite of my good friend Jeremy, I was in attendance at one of the largest and most prestigious charity events of the year.

Evening Under The Stars Evening Under The Stars Palm Springs Disco Divas (6)

A night where a very lucky 1500 people would come together to wine, dine, and dance the night away… All in efforts to raise money and awareness for the AIDS Assistance Program.

Evening Under The Stars Palm Springs Disco Divas (5)

That night my friends and I had the chance to rub shoulders with celebrities like Suzanne Somers, Barry Manilow and Lily Tomlin as we sashayed through the warm-up cocktail reception at the O’Donnell Golf Club.

The theme of this year’s event was “First Ladies of Disco” and as such some of the party goers exchanged their black-tie attire for a more colourful and fun 70’s inspired wardrobe.

Evening Under The Stars Palm Springs Disco Divas (2)

But that wasn’t the only flashback the crowd would see that night… As the sun set behind the mountains and the 100+ temperature dropped, the entertainment took the stage.

For the next 2 hours Diva after Diva took the stage to sing their hit songs.

Evening Under The Stars Palm Springs Disco Divas (4)

Anita Ward had the dance floor ablaze with her song ‘Ring My Bell’ while the popular group Chic stunned the audience as they reunited to sing ‘Le Freak’.

And just when we thought the night couldn’t get any better, Martha Wash took the stage (with all the famed Divas who had performed that night) to sing her classic, ‘It’s Raining Men’.

This was a night unlike any other!

I have been lucky enough to attend many events around the world, and this one has taken the perfection cake! The cause, the charity, the attendees and the talent; the night could not have been better… With the possible exception of me ruining the best photo with my closed eyes! 

Evening Under The Stars Palm Springs Disco Divas (3)

And check back tomorrow as I share my personal photos from back stage with the Divas of Disco!

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