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Calgary Loves Odysseo

April 24, 2014

Some of my friends will become crazy cat ladies, but me? Thanks to last night’s opening performance of Cavalia’s Odysseo, I will become a crazy horse man.

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The tent has risen in Calgary, and the horsey cast and crew closed last nights opener to thunderous applause; and rightfully so!

Besides Spiderman, the human cast of Odysseo are the only performers I have ever seen who seem to defy gravity!

While us regular Joes take pleasure in riding a carousel, the incredibly fit (and attractive) cast climbed the poles and maneuvered the carnival amusement like a school-yard jungle gym.

carosello_shelley-paulson Odysseo

Their unbelievable strengths had the crowd’s jaws lying on the floor!

But that segment was just one piece of the puzzle that makes Odysseo remarkable.

The show houses 70 talented horses in its stables who are ready to steal the show and the audience’s hearts at any chance they get.


I’d love to go into detail and ruin the entire show for you, but at such affordable prices, I’m certain you’ll go to see it.

Tickets start as low as $29 for children and $39 for adults and trust me when I say, they are still amazing seats which have you feeling a part of the show.

Mr. Fab

So surprise a friend or do something nice for yourself and spend an evening under the largest tent in the world!

Odysseo will be a night you will not soon forget!

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