DIY Plant Terrarium

April 23, 2014

Because I’m always on the go, I’ve had to forgo the option to own anything that might be living. Children, pets and even plants would not survive in my care.

But last week, thanks to an Instagram post, hope was presented to me in the form of a photo by Lori Andrews (@theoriginal10cent) crediting @PlantTerrariums


This amazing new store, in the trendy community of Inglewood, has just opened… And caters to travellers such as myself who are seeking a bit of life in their homes.

Plant not only sells these low maintenance terrariums, they have staff who will help you customize your own design based on your home’s dynamics; taking into consideration natural light requirements, water schedules and size.

For my project I was hoping to use an existing apothecary jar I owned to created a welcome feature to my front entrance.

After discussing my home’s circumstances with the helpful staff, I was sent on my way with a bag full of supplies and the knowledge to build my own.

Plant terrarium Calgary MrFab (5)

The steps were easy, and required less work than concocting a layered bean dip.

Plant terrarium Calgary MrFab (6)

To finish it off, I added a piece of driftwood for texture and snuggled the leafy plant beside it.

The end result was a fresh and simplistic terrarium which added life into my front entrance.

Plant terrarium Calgary MrFab (2)

The total cost for project came in under $35.

$23 for all the ‘base ingredients’, plant and decor from Plant…  And $10 for the apothecary jar I picked up from an estate sale.

For next to nothing I was able to beautify my home.

Thanks Social Media for the great idea!

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  1. I just got some cactus’s because plants always die on me. This looks like a great idea too! Have to try this next.. if the cactus’s don’t die :/

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