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Find Your Style with Velvet & Vino

April 2, 2014

In the world of social media and blogging, it seems as though the choice of who to ‘follow’ and become inspired by are endless.

Bloggers, Socialites and Fashionistas from around the world employ their significant others to become their personal assistants. Home made editors, photographers, stylists and hype-teams trying to build the tallest and most glitzy ‘online billboard’ to catch your attention.

But the ones who inspire and impress me the most are the inventive ones who love what they do and are rarely seen tooting their own horn; even though they deserve to.

This week my call out goes to Velvet & Vino who has done just that.

velvet and vino

I first took notice of Becky, the face behind the namesake, on the streets of NYC.

Her ease of style and sense of calm had me doing a double take through the sea of people during the hectic hustle and bustle of fashion week.


And that’s what I find addictive about Becky, the calm.

From her creative fashion advice to her obtainable style, Becky doesn’t look at what she does as a ‘competition’. She shares what she knows and continues to create looks which she loves.

Last week she impressed me yet again by producing a simplistic and adorable style video on 5 ways to wear the flare skirt.

I found her choices original and comfortable; the ways I’d imagine she’d wear them.

Velvet & Vino is the perfect place to find solace in the sometimes unrealistic mad house of fashion.

I applaud you Becky for keeping it uniquely you.

It seems we all shine brightest when we just ‘be ourselves’.

Mr. Fab & vino


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