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All You Can Eat Chocolate!

February 13, 2014

M. Fab and I have been great friends for several years and although I don’t remember how we first met, what I do remember is all the fun we’ve been having since.

And even when M. moves away, I continue to show up on her doorstep looking for a good time.


Last year when she took up residency in Amsterdam and started raving about the delicious chocolate, I hopped a plane and begged her to take me on a ‘tour of the sweets’!


With Valentine’s a day away, I decided I’d post some pictures of our delectable chocolate adventures to get your mouth watering in anticipation of tomorrow’s deliveries of ‘love’.


That day, M. and I donned our most fashionable stretchy pants and peddled the roads in search of the city’s best.

Hot chocolate, cold chocolate, flakes and cakes. If it had even a pinch of cocoa we were licking our lips!


And although we vowed to leave no chocolate shop untouched, shortly after our 5th stop we started to slow.


After grabbing a handful ‘to-go’ we finished our day antiquing and spent our evening chatting the night away!


Chocolate, world travel and a best friend, it may not have been Valentine’s Day but it was a ‘love’ly day!

Mr.Fab sterdam cocoa


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