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Gary Taxali’s Shanti Town Toronto Pop-Up

February 4, 2014

I love art, I love culture, I love champagne. So when I was invited to the Opening Night of Gary Taxali’s Shanti Town Pop-Up exhibit at Waddington’s in Toronto, I immediately RSVP’d a giant ‘Yes please’!


An internationally known award-winning illustrator and artist, Taxali has also designed a special set of six Royal Canadian mint coins, started his own toy company: Chump Toys, released his first children’s book: This is Silly!, as well as taught, lectured, created Grammy-nominated cover art… Just to name a few.

Shanti Town was a fantastically executed pop-up. Welcomed with a glass of champagne, the party was buzzing early, filled with enthusiastic fans, collectors and the artist himself.


On display were some of his wooden toys, sculptures and examples of package design.

Taxali_Wine Taxali_Toys

The humour in his work is refreshing. Even though this exhibit sampled Depression-era posters and graphics, the work comes across as light-hearted and whimsical. Containing many truths spelled out using single words and solid colours.


In my continued New Year’s resolution to be surrounded by those who shine a little brighter, Gary Taxali is definitely it.

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