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Sip Sip… Yuck!

January 13, 2014

I love traveling overseas and hitting up fast food restaurants just to see what interesting additions they have made to appease their local markets.

And this Summer as I vacationed in Singapore, I found two unique beverages from notable outlets that are certainly not found on North America menus.

McDonalds’ Rose McFizz

Asia Rose McFizz (Medium)

With temperatures reaching staggering heights in Asia and the humdidex sitting between 90 and 100%, finding a quick way to cool down is a necessity.

The first gulp of the Rose McFizz left me sputtering. Tasting like I had taken a swig of Nana’s perfume off her boudoir. 

It was floral-y and refreshing, though I began to wonder if this refresher was better dabbed on my neck than swallowed.

Starbucks Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino 
Asia Starbucks Red Bean Frapp with straw (Medium)

I had high hopes for this blended concoction. I love red bean pastries, and who doesn’t love a Frap?! But the two together were a total disaster!

Green tea powder, vanilla syrup and ice are blended together before a heaping serving of red beans are thrown on top.

Red Bean Frap Starbucks (Large)

This drink is so ‘meaty’ that Starbucks even includes a special over-sized straw so you can suck up every last bean.

Two menu items I had never seen anywhere else in the world… and glad I’ll never see again.

I’ll think I’ll stick to my Diet Coke and Carmel Frappuccino!

Mr. Fab ad taste in my mouth


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