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The Stars of the Desert

January 6, 2014

This week, a star-studded film festival has brought me to the desert, and face-to-face with some of the biggest A-list celebrities in the world;

Welcome to the Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF)


Not only is Palm Springs the perfect place to take a vacation, its people are welcoming and its events are plentiful.

I have travelled overseas and attended a variety of Film Festivals, but PSIFF takes the cake when it comes to accessibility and star power.

PSIFF Ewan McGreggor

Usually film festivals will command attention by bringing in ‘World Exclusives’ and one or two of the film’s stars. Sometimes these actors are newer to the scene and unless you are an indie film buff, unknown to most.

But in Palm Springs they host an Awards Gala, which brings a steady stream of well know names to the party and tickets to mix and mingle with them are purchasable to the public.

$450 not in your budget but you’re still longing to see the stars?


Just show up a couple of hours before the Gala starts and line the street; the fame will come to you!

This year I choose to forgo the suit and tie and was ‘comfortably’ able to see Mathew McConaughey (who was looking really skinny and shorter than I expected), Ewan McGregor (who was poised and quiet), Colin Farrell (who was as Farrell-y as I thought he would be), U2 (yes, the whole group), Bradley Cooper (who was the most personable and friendly; he is also seriously just as hot in person as every photo he takes), Tom Hanks (who was funny and quirky, just as expected), Julia Roberts (who is even more stunning than you could ever imagine), Sandra Bullock (who looks exactly as you would think), and Meryl Streep (who by far was the most captivating)!

PSIFF Sandra Bullock (Large)

If this Gala were to take place in any other major city centre, tickets would be impossible to get and the streets would be lined so deep with people, you wouldn’t know who you were looking at!

So if you’re ever looking for sun, culture and the chance to rub shoulders with the biggest stars, check out PSIFF!

The most accessible and exciting film festival in the world.

Mr. Fab fest


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