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Escape to Azuridge

January 2, 2014

The holidays are a hectic time.
With work and family pulling in different directions, I decided to take a special night away to fully charge my batteries before I headed home this year for the holidays.

Now some people travel to French Polynesia to get a taste of luxury, me?… I’m a huge fan of winter and the majestic view of snow capped mountains and powder dusted pine trees. So when I found out that a truly VIP experience was less than an hour away, nestled in my own backyard, I needed to go.

Azuridge Pridis Mr. FAB Calgary AB (2) (Large)

Once a private mansion, the estate of Azuridge has been re-imagined into a truly unique experience for the lucky occupants of the 13 suites.

Now I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed several luxury properties across the globe, and with each an unforgettable experience with a list of memorable moments.
And because of their attention to detail and the different way they do things, Azuridge will be on the top of that list.

Azuridge Pridis Mr. FAB Calgary AB (3) (Large)

There are many things that make Azuridge special, but first and foremost it’s their people.

Within moments of my arrival I was greeted with a warm welcome from the estate’s Director of Butlers, Jimmy-Lee Vennard, who had been expecting me. From his first personalized greeting to the offer of making me s’mores over the fire for dessert, he had me feeling like a celebrity on an Aspen weekend getaway.

Next up, it was their rooms.

Nothing typical about this home away from home.

Azuridge Pridis Mr. FAB Calgary AB (6) (Large)

The rooms, which have all been named after semi precious stones and gems, are well equipped with all you’ll need to make you never want to leave!

And the Rhodochrosite suite had me feeling like I was living in a Sex and the City dream.

Azuridge Pridis Mr. FAB Calgary AB (7) (Large)

A closet as just beautiful and breathtaking as the one designed by Big for Carrie Bradshaw.

But because I’m a bigger fan of food than footwear, I headed down to the dining room, The Opal, to see what their newest edition to the family, Chef Yoshi Chubachi, had to offer.

Azuridge Pridis Mr. FAB Calgary AB (5) (Large)

And that evening, as I sat down for the prix fixe menu, I had no idea I was in store for the best meal of my entire life!

Azuridge Pridis Mr. FAB Calgary AB (4) (Large)

From the Charcuterie to the Lamb Chops, every plate was perfect.

Flavourful, creative, seasoned and cooked to perfection.

And the portions were generous.


A nice surprise between courses, a palette cleanser of hand made berry sorbet served in a specially crafted ice bowl.


Not only is Chef Yoshi a world class cook, he also is a talented ice carver!

After licking each one of my plates clean I returned to my kingdom for a splash in the room’s 2 person Jacuzzi tub and an amazing nights sleep.

Azuridge Pridis Mr. FAB Calgary AB (1) (Large)

The experience just south of Calgary at Auzuridge is like no other.

The expertise of the staff, the remarkable attention to detail, and the quality make Azuridge a delightfully unique way to explore luxury, close to home.

And for those looking for just a taste of the action, the chef invites the public not staying at the estate, the opportunity to make dinner reservations Thursday-Sunday and weekend brunch reservations at The Opal.


And trust me, it’s a delicious breakfast you’ll never forget!

Thanks to the team at Auzuridge for filling my tank before the holidays.

Mr . Fab uridge


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