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Cavalia’s Odysseo

December 12, 2013

When a big white tent rolls into a city so does FAB, and thanks to some pretty amazing PR friends in Vancouver, I needed to hop a flight because I was on the guest list for the newest show from Cavalia, ODYSSEO!


But before the lights dimmed under the big top, I was welcomed to enjoy a pre-show reception dinner and cocktail party with select members of the cast

Odysseo Cavalia Horses Tour (3)

and some pretty notable locals like Mary Zilba from RHOV fame.

Odysseo Cavalia Horses Tour (4)

But we were here for the 4 legged stars of the show, so my guest and I head into the tent, took our seats in the centre of the sold out crowd and awaited our moment.

As the music began to build, the curtains parted ways and for the next 2 hours we sat jaws dropped as an army of horses and ‘whisperers’ graced the stage.


A combination of beauty and strength as up to 28 horses appeared on stage at one time, all maneuvering in a very fascinating and controlled ‘dance’.

There were also several mechanical surprises which kept the set ever changing, much to the awe and delight of the audience!

A spectacular sight which is incomparable to any other moment in time.

And as the show closed and the spectators leapt to their feet, my guest and I quietly made our way into the stables to congratulate the stars on a job well done.

Odysseo Cavalia Horses Tour (2)

Odysseo, which has been touring for the last 2 years, will continue to make multiple stops throughout Canada in 2014; But right now, the lucky residents of Vancouver will call it their own until January 5th 2014.

Ticket prices can be found starting at a very low $39.50, so if your a reasonable plane, train or car ride away, make sure you get your tickets before they all sell out!

Odysseo Cavalia Horses Tour (5)

It’s a truly unique experience you will never forget!

Mr. Fab ysseo

Looking forward to reading your comments!