‘Tis the Season… For Live Theatre!

November 27, 2013

This past weekend, all things were a-buzz in the theatre world as many houses opened their ‘holiday’ shows.

And this season two shows caught my attention;

Alberta Theatre Projects ‘Around The World In 80 Days’

and Vertigo’s ‘Jason and the Argonauts’

And as not to have a ‘one sided’ review, I decided to call in the help of a mother & daughter team to help review latter of the shows for me.

First up, ATP’s ‘Around The World In 80 Days’


Minutes after my date and I took our seats in the spectacularly roomy box, we were whisked away on a rushed fantasy journey around the world with a very talent cast consisting of 3 actors who played more than a dozen roles!

The interactive set had the actors pulling pieces to help transform the stage into each new country and far-off place.

My favorite part of the trip came in England, when a hilarious scene between actor Sanjay Talwar & the beyond talented Natascha Girgis took them back & forth between seaside and London consulate looking for answers.


The entire show satisfied me like a good meal;  it kept getting better as the night progressed, and then dessert (aka the Grand-Finale) had a cherry on top!

A fun show for all ages!

Now on to Jason and the Argonaughts.

Take it away Jasmine & Tahmar!

Everytime Mr. Fab invites me see a performance, I invite my 13, going on 30, year old daughter to join me. So I was a little skeptical about how she would accept the 8+ age rating of Vertigo’s newest show.

Jason and the Argonaughts

Who would have ever expected a play with 2 guys from Scotland, several action figures and a folded paper boat could be so funny and entertaining!

From the onset, the audience is made to feel welcome and part of the story. Funny gestures and cool props kept the children laughing, while sharp wit and dedication to their craft inspired all.

Jason and the Argonauts, performed by Visible Fictions, was an action packed adventure (performed on the small stage), full of destinies, mythical gods and bad kings.

My daughter laughed throughout and even helped me write this post!

This performance is showing through this weekend so don’t be skeptical in seeing a ‘children’s production’ because it even entertained me AND the ol’ lady!!

A big thanks to Alberta Theatre Projects and Vertigo Theatre for taking risks and delighting audiences this season!

Mr. Fab & crew

 ATP photos courtesy of Trudie Lee

Looking forward to reading your comments!