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My Holiday Tradition with Tiffany & Co.

November 21, 2013

We all have our interesting Holiday traditions. Growing up, mine involved an evening with family; playing games and eating summer sausage, cheese, pickles and Triscuts.

But living in a city without my family, new traditions needed to be foraged and thanks to the kindness of Tiffany & Co. I don’t feel so alone.


This year, a small and intimate gathering of local bloggers and media personalities toasted the season with our gracious host, Elizabeth Hellebrand,  inside the beautiful Christine Klassen Gallery surrounded by brilliant art and sparkling jewelry!


Forget the cold and the snow, to me this party signifies the start of the holiday season!

An evening of delightful snacks, effervescent bubbles and great conversation with friends certainly put me in the festive spirit.


And as if the wonderful evening weren’t enough, before I left they gifted me a little blue box!

Now there is always something very beautiful beneath the white ribbon, but for me it’s the caring personality behind that satin string which has always made it special!


So this holiday when you go to give, make sure that it comes from your heart!

Thanks Tiffany & Co. for always making me feel loved!

Mr. Fab lue box


Looking forward to reading your comments!