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Get Your Pom Poms and Get Fit!

November 8, 2013

Growing up, I took dance lessons where I was known as ‘Wrong Way Megan’.

When everyone went left, I went right.

So when I was invited to try out the latest work-out craze in Toronto, Cheer Body by Brigitte Grenier, I was intimidated. But I love a challenge so I packed up my two left feet and went to get my ‘sweat on’ at the Byfield Dance Experience on Yonge Street.

The studio made me feel like I was in a scene from ‘Fame’. So New Yorky, I immediately wished I had brought my leg warmers.

Entering, I was greeted by Brigitte; her warm and incredibly friendly smile immediately let me know I was going to have a great time, coordination be damned!

First up, learning to pose like a Cheerleader and B’ was there to give me a  little 1-on-1!


Now this girl is so cute you want to mash her up and put her on toast.
 And that butt. Insane.

With a list of qualifications as long as your arm, she’s not only a brain in fitness but a legit pro!  Her past speaks volumes as she was a part of the Argonauts Cheerleading team from 2006-2012, the Captain for four of those years.


Cheer Body’s mission is to energize and inspire in a supportive environment… and did I mention you get Pom Poms?!


A combination of Cheerleading, Dance, Yoga and Pilates, this workout leaves you dripping and wanting more. A great mix of cardio, strength, flexibility, stability and endurance.

I have never smiled so much while working out.

My two left feet wreaked havoc but it didn’t matter,  I was too busy working out my ‘boom boom’ and shaking what my momma gave me.

I loved the energized group environment, the music, shaking it with abandon and how I felt when I left.


I also love how Cheer Body believes in teaming up with local, healthy-living-focused businesses, creating a community of healthy, happy women (and men ) who motivate each other in and out of the dance studio.

I am hooked.

And I have a few months until Argo try-outs, so I best get to WERK!


M. Fab rah rah!

  1. Brigitte is fabulous with kids or adults she works so so hard and wants the best for all involved in the cheerbody workout !! Fun for all with a ton of laughter with great results for everyone !!!!

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