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Mikael D Delights at Toronto Fashion Week

October 28, 2013

Entering the Fashion tent at Toronto’s Fashion Week always holds something special: Good looking people, free swag, and cocktails are just some of my favorites.


The MIKAEL D show had all of these things and more… More fit, more flare, more majesty!

From the dramatic, futuresque opening to the confident strides of the models – this collection left you feeling breathless… And not just because of the bodycon styles!


These fashions are not for the flab of stomach, that I can assure you.

The streamlined cuts paired with daring slits were a tribute to an Art Deco aesthetic. The intricate lace and bead detailing were not only the craftsmanship of a master, but a nod to Art Nouveau arabesques.

The models were all serene in their strength and made up quite simply, showcasing their natural features while rocking amazingly detailed up-dos. In talking with one model after the show, she let me know one hair style took over 50 bobby pins to accomplish!


The color palette ranged from jewel tones to metallics on nudes. All very romantic and feminine choices, contrasting the pace and music styling of the show. I found that contradiction kept the show interesting. It was like watching graceful ballerinas who, at any moment, might break out in a rave.

My kind of gals.


Now off to do some crunches!

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