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October 22, 2013

This past weekend, one of the most unique and well rounded Food & Beverage shows set up stage in Calgary. The Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival offered event goers more than just the titled ‘wine’ but a wide selection of new and exciting spirits as well.

Now like me, you might already have your pre conceived notions on whether or not you like a product from a past experience. But during this show, I was courted by a group of new bottles that tasted quite different from their same named family members.

So if you’ve ever refused a second sip of the following 3 libations based on prior product, you may want to think of trying them again.

The name may be the same, but the taste is definitely different!

Dictator Insolent Rum

Dictator Rum

Now if you were to have blind folded me, I would have sworn this was a port blended cognac.

It was so carmel-y, sweet and smooth that I wanted to buy a tub of ice cream and make a sundae.

One taste and you’ll have no problem dishing out $110 for the bottle.

Next up,

Dictators Colombian GIN

Dictator Gin

Well known brands of gin are my drink of choice. The taste of juniper berries reminds me of Christmas presents and scotch tape. But Dictators gin tastes nothing like my holiday friend.

Because the product has been aged in Rum barrels it’s given the gin a unique taste. A slight orange hit on the palette, Colombian Gin is clean, fresh and reminds me of a smooth rum. No Ginny tingle on the tounge.

And lastly

Criollo liqueur

Criollo Liqour Rocky Moutain food and wine festival FAB

When 50 Cent wrote the song ‘Candy Shop’, I guarantee he was taking swigs out of this bottle!

This company has successfully liquefied a Bon-Bon and added an alcohol content.

If you’re showing up to my place this Christmas, leave that nasty Pot-of-Gold at home and wrap me up a bottle of Criollo Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.

It’s time to flip on the ‘open’ sign and try something new, your taste buds are waiting!

Thanks Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival for letting me sample some new & amazing products I’ve never had a chance to try anywhere else!

Mr. Fab & food show

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