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The Night Lights Up with Nuit Blanche

October 9, 2013

Toronto’s Nuit Blanche is one spectacular night when the city becomes a dazzling open-air museum. All the city’s main arteries are pedestrianized to accommodate jaw-dropping installations.

Last week’s event left me loving this city far more than I ever expected to. People from all over came out in the tens of thousands to participate, observe and celebrate.


From world-renowned Chinese artist Ai WeiWei’s ‘Forever Bicycles’ in Nathan Phillips Square to France’s Boris Achour’s ‘The rose is without why’, this year’s event was truly international.


Street corners were lined with the unconventional, floating leg-less deer and a 20-foot lady dressed in a giant quilt. Girl had legs that would make Tina jealous!

The crazy, the intriguing, the down-right ludicrous.


What I loved most was the contagious enthusiasm from the volunteers, the diversity of the crowd…and the churros.


Now for those who couldn’t make it out to that magical evening, 6 of the art projects will be up through Thanksgiving!

Well done Toronto!

Keep sparkling.

M. Fab blanche


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