Fab on the Little Screen

September 27, 2013

The Calgary International Film Festival, CIFF, has been delighting move goers all week and as we head into the final stretch, there are still two exciting events to go.

The Black Carpet Gala which will take place tonight will see the Canadian Premier of the Indian film eega (Housefly).

Black Carpet CIFF

After the film, guests will be invited to a post screening reception where they’ll be able to walk the black carpet while snacking and sipping on a variety of delights.

Last week I attended the Red Carpet Gala and this week the Green Carpet Gala, both very different films and parties…both very exciting!

Take a quick look at what myself and my friends at Tourism Calgary were up to!


A fun evening of watching films and being filmed!

Next stop, the big screen…. I hope!

Mr. Fab camera, action


Looking forward to reading your comments!