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Playing Detective with DAVIDs TEA

September 25, 2013

A relaxing day curled up on the couch was turned upside down with a simple knock on the door.

A delivery.

And with a new month just a few days away and I quick sniff of the box, I knew exactly what it was!

My friends at DAVIDs TEA had sent me a gift!

Now I’ve been lucky to have received this type of package before, but this time things were a little different.

DAVIDs TEA Mystery October Limited Edition (1)

A simple black tin with no descriptors or guidance; this was a mystery tea.

Each month DAVIDs TEA releases a ‘Tea of the Month’; a well blended fare that speaks to the season.

Now it’s possible they were so excited to get me to taste their delicious new tea that they forgot to include the description, or perhaps they just wanted to test my tea knowledge. Either way, I’d get to the bottom of this.

So I called my Mom and had her mail me my favorite Hardy Boys book; it was time to look for clues!

Hardy Boys Detective HAndbook

First was the smell.

Fruity and tropical with a calming twist; possibly vanilla.

Then with a twist of the lid I spilt out the contents to get a closer look.

DAVIDs TEA Mystery October Limited Edition (2)

Now I am no horticulturist so I’m merely guessing, but what I think I saw was a blend of dried chamomile, blood orange peel, apricot and vanilla bean… or was that licorice root? After all, October is the month of Halloween!

DAVIDs TEA Mystery October Limited Edition (5)

Regardless of my dodgy detective work there is one thing I was certain of:

This is a perfect tea that you’ll want to cozy up with on a cool fall evening! The mellow fruity scent alone will leave you in a state of utter relaxation.

so next week, upon its release, pick up a tin and snuggle!

Mr. Fab and the mystery of the terrific tea


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