‘Plenty’ of Style

September 23, 2013

When Mr. Fab asks you if you’d like to join him at an event, you say yes even before you know what is it! So when he asked me “Would you like to…” I blurted out “Yes!” before he could finish. I couldn’t have been more excited until I realized he would be out-of-town and I was expected to produce a the story! However as a long time fan of the blog I knew his loyal readers would be supportive.

After all, a new store was opening and people needed to know!

The launch of Plenty and its seventh store; the first outside of BC.


I love fashion and the power of one outfit’s ability to change a mood and transform from simple material on a hanger to a power outfit, but I also love the story behind the brand, and there is a cool story behind Plenty.


I’ve always been a firm believer that shopping for a new outfit should be accompanied by some tasty canapés and bubbly, so imagine my delight when I saw waiters meandering the store with trays full of delectable delights; I nearly knocked over the lovely hostess getting to them.


Although Plenty’s location in the new expansion of Chinook Center may allude the perception of a big box store selling cookie cutter clothing, this West Coast based boutique is far from that. There is a story behind the brand and design elements in this store.

The giant tree predominantly branching out in the middle of the store with the black singe marks from a lightning strike is directly from our western neighbors in Hope, BC.

Plenty Calgary Chinook Shopping Store (8)

The Turkish style lamps adorning the ceiling pay homage to the heritage of Plenty’s founder and owner, Murat Imren


Plenty, which caters to 20 and 30 something’s, strives to bring a wide assortment of internationally renowned labels to their customer base; like Free People, Maison Scotch and MINKPINK, to name a few.


But they also design and produce six exclusive in-house labels for women

Propaganda, Monk & Lou, Ribbon, Ribbon Luxe, PGD, and their line of denim, Big Blue.

Plenty Calgary Chinook Shopping Store (7)

The space is fresh and uncluttered and the dressing room is bigger than the private room at Saks Fifth Ave. And it’s equipped with a giant ottoman and mirrors galore; alleviating the need to twist like a dog chasing his tail to see how your derrière looks in your new Plenty Big Blue jeans.

The clothes themselves appear to be weekend comfy. My favourite for style was Monk & Lou named after two dogs in the Plenty family.

Plenty Calgary Chinook Shopping Store (5)

The thing I like most about this store is it is a one outfit shop. No need to worry about finding the perfect shoes or bag to go with a new outfit since there is ‘plenty’ of selection of both in the accessory area.

Plenty Calgary Chinook Shopping Store (4)

With price points in the mid range and in-house branded jeans for $80, I’ll be sure to stop whenever I need of a new casual weekend outfit.

I’m excited to shop and proudly support a Canadian company.

Welcome to Alberta Plenty!

Reporting for Fab;

Lovingly Lynette

Looking forward to reading your comments!