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Three Wish Thursday

September 5, 2013

I have a bad case of the ‘wants’!

The other day I got so excited about something new on the market that I squealed with delight “I NEED that!”

Call it a want, need or just a plain ‘gimmie, gimmie’, Thursdays will now be dedicated to the 3 new things I am currently loving, coveting and wish I had!

#1 The newest Polaroid Camera


It’s back, it’s expensive and it’s all I’ve ever wanted!

#2 A Cupcake Manicure


I’m not a 12 year old girl but I’ll be-friend the first one I see with these ‘sweet’ digits!

#3 ZOKU cup


This little dandy will freeze up my protein shakes into a slush like milkshake in just a few minute… And by protein shakes I mean chocolate milk!

1 wish, 1huh, 1 yum and I want them all!

Mr. Fabuy me




Looking forward to reading your comments!