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A House in the Sky

September 4, 2013

I’ve read two books in my entire life: that one where Macauley Culkin gets stung by a bee, and Nicole Richie’s partially fabricated autobiography, The Truth About Diamonds.

Even in high school I would fake book reports and just hope for the best, but now I have a 3rd book to add to my repertoire.

A House In The Sky by Amanda Lindhout.


So why this book?

Early last year, I booked a photo shoot for a fashion story to appear in print and online. My co-model?

Amanda Lindhout

A House in the Sky Amanda Lindhout & MrFAB (1)

I had no idea who this woman was.

What I did know was that she was sweet, engaging, and fun to be around. That day, I had the time of my life!

Then later that month our paths crossed once again and like the first time, we all laughed the day away!

A House in the Sky Amanda Lindhout & MrFab (2)

I knew her as Amanda; an empowered woman making a difference in the world as the executive director of the Global Enrichment Foundation. But her past was about to come at me like a train barreling down the tracks with the release of her book.

As a person who doesn’t typically watched the news or involve myself in world affairs, I’ve kept my head buried in a world of sunshine and rainbows; but Amanda Lindhout has done just the opposite. Her dreams of exploring the world and sharing the stories of cultures so far from our own had left her a victim of a 15 month kidnapping in Somolia.

Something I could have only imagined happening in Hollywood movies, had been a real life occurrence for her.

A House In The Sky made me hold my breath and shed tears as if I were about to jump off the highest peak; the unimaginable for me was indeed a reality for Amanda.

. Roramina A House in the Sky

The book will capture your attention within the 3 page prologue, and will have you taking a full journey to far off places with her.

It is so well written, I feared for MY safety, and found myself praying with her to Allah for her safe release.

I had no idea that the person I met just over a year ago had been though what she has. How a person could learn to forgive, love, and move forward to do all she’s doing now is nothing less then saintly.

A House In The Sky, as of yesterday, is available for purchase in Canada.

Mr. Fab

  1. Just finished reading this book. I think this was the hardest book i have ever read. It am still in shock that this happened and to a fellow Canadian. I found your post because i was near the end and thought i need to see the face that belonged to this story. It really makes you grateful for what you have and thankful to live in a Free Country and without the chaos that occurs in Somalia.

Looking forward to reading your comments!