Tasty Tuesday (Girl Scout Cookies)

August 20, 2013

A few weeks ago I popped away for a little girls night out with one of my long time American Friends.

And Lindsay, never one to disappoint, came armed with more than just her vivacious attitude and contagious smile, she showed up with some limited edition American treats!

Girl Scout Cookie inspired Crunch chocolate bars!

Girl Scouts Limited edition Crunch Bars coconut

Now here’s the thing: up in Canada, we’ve got our own girl guides bringing around the sweets, but let’s be honest, they’ve been half assing it on the cookie front for a number of years… I’ve seen better treats come out of my easy bake oven.

But the girls to the south have more than made up for the northern short falls.


And now, their popular and delicious cookies have pimped up my chocolate bar!

Seriously, if you ever get a taste of these little Caramel & Coconut numbers…

Girl Scouts Limited edition Crunch Bars

You’ll be giving our girls the side eye too!

GS of America 1
GG of Canada 0

Mr. Fab scout

  1. I am both very jealous and extremely happy we dont have those flavours. They sound so good but I would be gaining weight like crazy.

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