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Date Night with State & Main

August 1, 2013

There’s a ‘new kid on the block’ and his name isn’t Danny, Donny, Jordan, Jonathan or Joey… His name:

State & Main

Opening its first location this week in Calgary, I was delighted when I received a request for a date.

As I started prepping, I began to wonder what he might look like.

The name felt New York and I guessed that he might be an investment banker from Wall Street or perhaps a corporate climber.

I was nervous.

I donned a Gaga concert tee, jeans and a blazer and I was on my way to meet my blind date!

I arrived and at first glance I was impressed!

State and Main exterior FAB Chinook

He was bold and good looking; I started to sweat.

I walked up and was ushered inside. He was tall, dark and handsome; I crawled up on a high top and looked on admiringly.

He ordered us a drink. The Sunshine State; 2 oz of premium liquor and all for $8.00.

State & Main Chinook Centre FAB (7)

$1 off on Mondays, I was impressed with the quality and price.

Then he spoke.

A bit loud and focused on sports; I began to wonder if there was a volume button.

But that was immediately overshadowed with the arrival of the Calamari ($10.50)

State & Main Chinook Centre FAB (2)

This was a guy who knew the way to my heart.

Thick, chewy and saucy.

As I wiped my face, I paged through the extensive menu.

Cheesy Poutine and Butter Chicken Poutine ($11.50)

State & Main Chinook Centre FAB (3)

I was starting to fall fast and hard!

Then the main came.

Long Island Fish Tacos ($16) with a side of jalapeño corn bread & maple butter…

State & Main Chinook Centre FAB (5)

My first bite and I was looking for a bit more of a flavourful kick. I grabbed the sriracha sauce and piled it on… My mouth was on fire!

I flew to the bar and ordered a trayful of drinks to extiquish the flames.

State & Main Chinook Centre FAB (8)

Upon my return to the table, the tacos where cleared and we were onto the main event.

Desert; and State & Main had found my sweet spot!

Ice Cream Sandwiches ($5)

State & Main Chinook Centre FAB (1)

As I snacked on the warm freshly bake cookies, I wondered if he would ask me out again.

I think I was falling in love.

But then out of the corner of my eye I caught the passing of a delicious Flatbread smothered in sausage. ($13)

State & Main Chinook Centre FAB (6)

And I realized maybe playing the field is more my style.

As I began to follow my new desire away from the table, I tossed Mr. Main a wink over my shoulder.

I’d be back.

He had a lot to offer and I planned on tasting his entire menu.

Call me maybe

Mr. Fab & main


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