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Fab’s Birthday Suit

July 24, 2013

It’s birthday week and inevitably there was bound to be some discussion about the ‘Birthday Suit’

Now I haven’t paraded around buck naked since I was in my early 20’s; too many cakes and cookies put an end to that!

But with a little bit of fabric and the outstanding creative designs of Stoneman, I’m 21 again and nothing is going to tame this stallion.

Stonemen Underwear Men in underwear (4)

Now if you happen to be freaking out because you’re co-worker just caught you checking out Fab in his knickers; calm down, splash some cold water in your face and get a hold of yourself. Just tell them you’re that bathing suit shopping and you’ll be fine.

And if they happen to walk by a second time….

Tell them you’re planing a trip to New York City!

Stonemen Underwear Men in underwear (2)

Fab’s your travel guide and he’s going to take you from Central Park all the way to the top of the Chrysler Building!

It’s a playful time in the city and Stoneman is going to keep the cool summer nights sizzling!

And wait till you see the ladies collection!

Deliciously steamy!

Mr Fab um

Looking forward to reading your comments!