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Mr Fancy Feets

July 18, 2013

With Stampede over it was time to kick off the boots and review the damaged caused from all the boot scooting


Turns out toenails grow quicker when locked in leather terrarium, so when I took my boots off and walked across the floor the clipitty clop sound that I made sounded like a dog on hardwood.


It was time to cut the claws!

But that was the lest of my worries!
My tootsies were sore and swollen; I was in need of professional help!

So a quick call to my friends at The Spa Ritual and I was booked in for a Thai foot massage!

The next day I hobbled into the spa and the team was ready for me!

As I sipped a refreshing glass of cucumber water my eastiticiam was hard at work washing and exfoliating my meaty calves and feet.


After I was squeaky clean, I tucked myself into the heated bed as a soothing mask was being placed over my eyes!


For the next 30 minutes my tiered pups where pampered and pressed.

She started on the left and moved on to the right. When the first foot was fully de-stressed, it was tightly wrapped in a hot towel. Like a snugly cocoon, I was certain my tootsies would come out butterflies!


When all was said and done, I was off to the hot stone beds where I sat back and relaxed whilst sipping on a cold blueberry macha shake!


So if youve two stepped the last 2 weeks away and your looking more cankle then ankle, it’s time to call up The Spa Ritual to get back on top!

See yah later boots, I’ve got the next 350 days off!

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