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My Dinner Date with Jack Daniels

July 16, 2013

Imagine a dinner paired around your favourite drink.

Jack Daniels Dinner Party (2)

Well last week, that dream became a reality when Jeff Arnett, the 7th master distiller for Jack Daniel’s, flew in from Tennessee.

Not only did he bring with him his very beautiful wife and southern hospitality, but luggage filled with the entire collection of Jack Daniel’s; including the unicorn of the bunch, the limited edition Sinatra Select!

Jack Daniels Dinner Party (8)

Back in 1955 Frank Sinatra was quoted on stage as saying “Jack Daniel’s is the nectar of the Gods” and within one year, the sales for the company doubled!

How do you honour a man who had so much style and grace… But by making a special blend to call his own?!

The stories that Jeff shared with us were brilliant. I was enlightened that all the bottles were made from 16°C cave water and stored for 4-7 years in hand crafted chared white oak barrels to give them their unique flavour.

Jack Daniels Dinner Party (4)

Jack Daniel’s is the only liquor company of its size in the world to produce all it’s ‘nectar’ in one location.

Tennessee is home to my drink of choice and all the 435 full time employees who make and distribute it.

And the food that evening was delicious…

Jack Daniels Dinner Party (3)

The 5 course feast was designed in honour of the musical legend, and mimicked the opulence of the JD brand perfectly!

The tiny group of invitees were treated to endless food and endless cocktails.

Jack Daniels Dinner Party (7)

I was in amazing company, and shown world class hospitality from our gracious Tennessee hosts!

You were all as sweet as your Tennessee Honey; which is my Jack of choice.

Jack Daniels Dinner Party (6)

Alone in the glass, the taste and quality allow it to take centre stage where it belongs!

Thanks for the perfect night, I will be planning my trip to Tennessee in 2014.

Jack Daniels Dinner Party (1)

Mr. Fab Daniel’s


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