Party & Parade with Palliser

July 5, 2013

Linda Evangelista won’t get out of bed for less then $10,000, but for me…The promise of a delicious breakfast and the best seats in the house to watch the Calgary Stampede Parade had me tossing the sheets back at 6:30 this morning!


Thanks to my friends at the historic Fairmont Palliser, all morning I’ve been sipping mimosas whilst I awaited the hum of the first float!

Last year I dined with Miss America, but at a beauty queen breakfast, it was all low fat yogurts and fruits.

But when a hotel, who regularly hosts one heck of an amazing Sunday Bunch, invites you to dine… The menu is a little more grandiose!


Eggs, bacon and blah blah blah… This was much more than a freebie street side pancake breakfast!


But the piece du resistance was the first class seating!


Bleachers set high and dry with an un-obstructed view of the entire 2 hour show!


Sorry mom, Fairmont Palliser has beaten out your curb side blanket viewing area and bruised bananas.

I love my food and I love my horse n’ pony show!

Mr. Fab reakfast of champions

Looking forward to reading your comments!