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Fab Turns Cowboy with Smithbilt

July 2, 2013

It’s that time of year again where every Calgarian rummages through their deep storage in search of their Stampede treasures!

No where in the world will you find a city that has a separate wardrobe and a collection of hats, boots and bandanas which only come out to play for 10 days a year.

This is the Calgary Stampede!

I have been fortunate to call this city home for the last 11 years and as such, have built up quite an amazing ‘cowpoke’ collection.

But one thing has been missing…

SmithBilt Cowboy Hats FAB Calgary  (7)

A legit Cowboy Hat

And when it comes to the real deal, Smithbilt is the way to go!

SmithBilt Cowboy Hats FAB Calgary  (1)

The heritage company that has been hand making the hats since 1919.

They make them custom and they make them to fit!

SmithBilt Cowboy Hats FAB Calgary  (2)

With one of the largest skulls in the western hemisphere, finding any hat that fits has been impossible for me. For the last 11 years I have been wearing what looks to be a  children’s cowboy hat on my head.

But this year, my friends at Smithbilt said, “No More!”

It was time to join the ranks with the real rodeo cowboys (minus any skill) and be fitted for my first ever Cowboy Hat!

SmithBilt Cowboy Hats FAB Calgary  (5)

Black being too hot in the sun and white being something I wanted to save until I win one of Calgary’s “White Hat Awards”, I settled on a light taupe.

SmithBilt Cowboy Hats FAB Calgary  (4)

The perfect neutral color to match everything and light enough to keep me cool.

Now, my Stampede box is officially complete! I never thought this big head would ever fit in with the crowd.

SmithBilt Cowboy Hats FAB Calgary  (3)

But now I’ll finally be able to hang with the cool kids!

Thank-you Smithbilt, I feel like the luckiest urban cowboy in Calgary!

Yee Haw

Mr. Fab uilt


Looking forward to reading your comments!