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The Fab Cleanse

June 20, 2013

With a blog that has afforded me endless opportunities to attend parties and be wined and dined numerous times a week, my eating habits have become ‘poor’ to say the least.

Certain that none of last year’s Stampede fashions still fit, I realized I had 2 options to fix the situation.

1. Buy a new wardrobe


2. Start a cleanse and loose the muffin top

A pre-Stampede cleanse that will get me in fightin’ shape and ready to tackle all the mini donuts I can eat!

Those Little Donuts Calgary Stampede Fair Food idway (6)

And I’m not the only person who thinks this is a good idea!

A few friends have hopped on board!

With the help of Community Foods, I was able to find the perfect cleanse for me.

With 20+ cleanse options on the shelf, the Wild Rose cleanse was chosen.

Wild Rose Cleanse

12 days to get my body back in check, but it still allows me to eat!

And always game to catch all the best stories, the good people at SHAW Calgary and I will be filming segments for go!Calgary.

Fab on a Cleanse

Yep, starting next week, you’ll be watching the highs and lows of Fab on a cleanse.

The entire ordeal started this morning at 8am and will play out over the following days.

I’m ready and already starving… And soon the world will see the hungry side of Fab

Wish me luck!

Mr. Fab rose


Looking forward to reading your comments!