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Fab the Scholar

June 18, 2013

The only thing that high school taught me was that high school was not for me!

I’ve always been a hands on learner, and as such, sitting in Social Studies in grade 12 watching my teacher cover 6 chalk boards in notes was not my forte.

Post secondary education has always scared me; I wasn’t looking to get K.O’ed for a second time in my life.

But not wanting to feel left out of the education game, I’ve found my way to be a part of the experience… As a cover model!


Earlier this spring I was booked to do a cover shoot for SAIT Polytechnic, a school that offers hands on learning.


This booking was right up my alley!

Working with Kate Künz, who I’ve had the great pleasure to work with before, I got dolled up and was able to put on my successful ‘making it in the world’ face.

Now I’m not sure when or where this cover will pop up, but know that this is one company I am only too proud to lend my face too. Many of my friends have had great success stories learning with them!

I can’t wait for my Post-Secondary moment!

Mr. Fab -on education

Looking forward to reading your comments!