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Espy Fashion: Fab Style!

June 13, 2013

For the last 2 years I’ve been talking about getting naked in public and encouraging all my girlfriends to do the same…

All in the name of charity!

Bikini ESPY calgary Stampede Mr. Fab (2)

But unlike any other charity, this one does most of the donating for you and then rewards you from head to toe with an amazing new outfit!

Naked espy for men, and the upcoming Bikini espy for women!

Bikini ESPY calgary Stampede Mr. Fab (1)

It’s simple:

Participants make a minimum $100 donation, and on the morning of July 6th, turn up at espy in Inglewood in bikinis.

Music, food, and general tomfoolery take place as the store’s amazing stylists get to work dressing you in a look and style that’s perfect for your body and personality!

mr_-fab espy spread love

But what if you’re not about to stand curb-side in your knickers like me?

Well next week, June 19th, for a tiny donation of $20 you can join me fully clothed as the host of the first ever Bikini espy Fashion Show fundraiser

Ohhhhh but it gets better!

Ever wonder what the hottest bar staff in Calgary looked like half-naked!?

Because the Cowboys staff are the models, and they’ll be the ones strutting their stuff in bikinis from Swimco and underwear from Bjorn Borg.

Charity work has never looked or felt soooooo good!

So join CTVs Camilla Di Giuseppe and myself as we host a night of fashion this city will never forget.

bikini espy

Get your tickets and additional details HERE and I’ll see you next Thursday!

Mr. Fab ikini


Looking forward to reading your comments!