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Le Belle Arti Opening

June 11, 2013

Mr Fab: “Mlle Fab, I have a mission should you choose to accept it…”

Mlle Fab: “Je l’aime! Hit me, but watch the face.”

Mr. Fab: “Le Belle Arti grand opening – don’t embarrass me.”

Mlle Fab: “Accepted – my pumps are freshly heeled.”


Le Belle Arti may be the oldest furniture boutique in Canada, but the decor is anything but. La vita è bella! Or at least the furniture in the new Calgary Inglewood location is synonymous with the Italian cliché.


Originated by 3 brothers, Orlando Milite is the youngest sibling, who travels between the Edmonton and Calgary shoppes… As quality of service is of high importance to him – is there any other way?

Orlando is the quintessential European gentleman: handsome, charming and with a swoon-worthy accent. He graciously led cette fille through his shoppe, sharing stories and pointing out specificities of his beautiful wares that one might not notice at first glance.


For example, the above stunning cabinet is engineered sans metal hinges. Keep the martini set hidden and make nary a sound until you shake one up for Mr. Bond? Oui, svp!

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the full moon, but Orlando shared his favourite piece with moi: a Black Walnut table by Riva. Gorgeous!

Riva produces tables that are almost 40′ long using a single plank from one massive arbre. It is the only company in the world that does 1 single slab for an entire table. Incroyable.


Now a special shout out for the event itself.

The Italian themed soirée checked all of mademoiselle’s boxes: sophisticated, satiating and scrumptious with a side of my sicilian seduction: pancetta – sì!


Le Belle Arti: where furniture becomes art, indeed. Mr. Fab, I would like to request one of each for my office at the Fab headquarters, svp.


Mademoiselle Fab elle


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