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A Stunning Heritage Hotel

May 13, 2013

Over the last 10 years of my travels, I have stayed an immeasurable number of nights in hotels.

Some good, some bad and some unforgettable!

I’ve found everything from stray hairs to stray bullets left by the past guests; whether the story has been good or bad, I’ve seen it all.

Nothing seems to surprise me anymore.

This past weekend during Sask Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to check-in to one of the 14 heritage properties built during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway back in 1927.

The Hotel Saskatchewan.

Hotel Saskatchewan Regina SK Radisson (1)

With my booking already made, a few days prior to my stay I decided to go online to check out their accommodations

Horror and dread filled my mind;
the photos looked old and dusty and based on those, I feared this was going to be a horrible repeat of my stay at the Fairmont Winnipeg.

Too late to figure out alternate accommodation, I was on my way.

After a long prairie drive I pulled up in front of my hotel Thursday morning, ready for the worst.

But from the first friendly welcome, I knew the imagery was about to be proved very wrong!

Hotel Saskatchewan Regina SK Radisson (3)

This hotel was not dusty at all… In fact, I can honestly say, I have never seen such a clean heritage property: such immaculate condition and good repair!

With their last renovation taking place in the early 90s, they have managed to show little wear from the last 20 years.

The carpets are clean, fresh and bouncy soft.

Hotel Saskatchewan Radisson Regina SK (2)

And the thousands of meters of wallpaper used throughout the hotel is wear and tear free!

Hotel SK Wallpaper Wall

The decadent chandeliers, which grace nearly every common space in the hotel, are so sparkling clean I questioned if they had just been installed new for my stay.

Hotel Saskatchewan Regina SK Radisson (2)

And my room; everything old felt new!

Hotel Saskatchewan Regina SK Radisson (5)

As I pulled back the curtains to take in the view of the fashion week tent located right across the street, not a speckle of dust floated through the air.

Hotel Saskatchewan Radisson Regina SK (1)

A fresh flower as a welcome, I felt comfortable and at home!

Hotel Saskatchewan Regina SK Radisson (4)

They say you can only make a first impression once. I saw the photos online and had my opinion, but seeing it all in person… My ‘second’ first impression will be ever lasting.

Thank you Hotel Sask for your amazing hospitality and for sharing your stunning property with me.

You’re gorgeous!

Mr. Fab & fresh


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