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May 3, 2013

After the holiday season mostsane people jump onto the bandwagon of eating heathy and working out.

For me, I must have missed the bandwagon as it rolled on by.

“Butter butter butter” has been my motto since December and as such, my juicy body has paid the price.

But the time has come and thanks to a new sheriff in town, my ass has been getting a real good whooping!

Barre Body Studio Calgary outside location FAB

Barre Body Studio… Or better know to me as the “it must be jelly, cause jam don’t shake like that” workout.

But it didn’t start out that way.

As soon as I stepped foot into their entrance this place had me convinced I was in for more of a spa treatment than a workout.

Barre Body Studio Calgary Front desk FAB

And even the beautifully designed and decorated co-ed change room had me believing I was in for an evening of relaxation!

Barre Body Studio Calgary change room FAB

The fresh flowers and serene color palette had me feeling calm cool and collected.

And as I peeked around the 2 roomed studio, I felt like I was shopping at a high-end design shop.

Barre Body Studio Calgary FAB

I was in love with everything, from the floor all the way up to the light fixtures.

As I came to rest in the larger of the 2 studios I couldn’t help but notice I was surrounded by 24 gorgeous womenI was the only guy.

Pfffft, a room full of girls… I was definitely in for an easy work out!

The music started and I was up on my balls.

Barre Body Studio Mr.Fab Calgary

Up, down, up, down. I was 33 seconds in and I had already started to bust a sweat!

Warp ahead 12 minutes…

The sweat is pouring from my forehead and my legs are jiggling faster than an electric mixer hitting a bowl of cake batter!

I contemplate starting a small fire to force an emergency evacuation… But with the encouragement of my new-found friend Kendra, I keep the pyro at bay.

Barre Body Studio Calgary Fitness  with FAB

What I can only image is 8 hours and 47 minutes later, (45 minutes), we are on cool down.

As I look around the room I quickly realize why I am the only guy in the class…

Men are weak!

The following day when I awake, I feel great; a little stiff but for the most part I’m fairly mobile.

Maybe I was over reacting?

So I attempt another class that day.

And the next day…

That’s when I had to crawl from my bed to the shower.

My muscles decided to pay me back from all the ‘lazy days’ since December.

These saucy little ham hocks were down for the count!

2 days and I could already tell that the Barre Body Fit was working; giving me ‘Buns of Steel’!

So the following week I went back… And ever since, things have gotten a little bit easier!

The classes now seem to fly by and the flab has started to turn fab!

So you think you got what it takes to become a fabulous ‘Barre Star’ like myself?

Barre Calgary

Well I’m giving away a 10 pass punch card so you can firm up too!
Use this pass for you, or double your punch and take a friend!

So if you live in Calgary you’ll have 2 ways to enter.

#1 Tweet the Following;

I wanna have rockin #barrestar buns like @immrfabulous! So send me to @BarreBodyStudio


#2 Comment Below and tell me;

“What’s your best asset?”

Mine’s my strong calves.

I could put someone into a sleeper hold with them!

Thanks Barre Body Fit for the ‘ball-busting’ workout!

Mr. Fab arre star

  1. Love the ladies at Body Barre Studio – they are all so sweet, then they kick your ass.
    I’d have to say my best ass-et is my muscular booty.
    tweeted, too xx

  2. I can hold fifth position arms like no one’s business. That’s probably not true. But I reeeaally want to try Barre Body Studio; thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. best asset…erhm…i think my booty as it gets me from A to B, but it can always be toned by ballet. me want that punch card, svp!!!!

  4. Barre Body Studio is amazing! Definitely kicking my butt. I love it 🙂 I would say my best asset is my ab’s! And they are only getting better because of the awesome ladies at Barre!!

  5. My legs are my best asset- I’ve been running for 2 years. Now the rest of my body needs to catch up- at the Barre.

  6. Love this article! I’d have to say my best ass-et is my pure leg power but these classes even test me 🙂

  7. I absolutely love BarreBodyStudio!! I would possibly say it is booty that I am most fond of…those muscles have carried me a long ways

  8. I have heard amazing things about this barre class! pick me pick me! My best asset is probably my ass! haha. but it can definitely use some work from the barre class!

  9. I have wanted to try this AWESOME sounding place, and workout!! Thanks for the great contest. My best asset…. my strong shoulders! They’re broad from being a swimmer when I was younger, and they used to make me self-conscious… but now I love and respect them!

    Could really use some booty firming help, though! However, the girl above who created a clever rhyme is clearly the winner in my books!

  10. My legs… They may be big but they’re strong! Although they could always use the toning from barre! Love the studio!!

  11. LOVE the Barre Body Studio! My Best asset are my arms…and those light weights at Barre make em shake everytime!

  12. Best asset? My attitude for discipline.
    Convincing myself to workout is pretty easy ’cause it makes you feel so alive, so healthy physically and emotionally.
    Barre Fit is a great Fit for me. Such a classy studio ambience too!

  13. My best asset used to be my legs. They need a little pick me up :). Barre will help me get there!

  14. My best asset? I would say my kind smile. After losing over 100+ pounds last year I have shown myself that a smile can take you far …. show you that you believe in yourself and encourage others along the way! Much love and determination in the process, my smile has always been there with me. I much enjoyed your story about how you stepped out and discovered a new way to turn your flab to fab! I am graciously looking forward to the same rewarding experience
    of “the fire” at Barre Body Studio! 🙂

  15. Ooh I really want to to try this, my friend goes to the Barre Body Studio in Edmonton and she loves it. My best feature is probably my freckles, they come out even more in the summer! I could def use some booty toning though for my upcoming wedding!

  16. My best assets is probably my crazy sebse if humour. So I can laugh at my crazy self every time I sign up for a halfmarathon. Man this would soooo be the perfect cross training Loooove it!!

  17. My best asset? Most definitely my dance moves! 😉 In all seriousness, I did The Bar Method in NY and loved it. Now I’m hearing great things about Barre Body in Calgary and would love to try them out before I leave.

  18. Ah! I’ve been meaning to check out this class! Thanks for the review. Sounds awesome. My best asset is my booy-tay. Sir Mix-a-lot would be a fan. 😉

  19. I’ve heard lots of great reviews on Barre Studio and now your post is enticing me to check it out with the gals.
    “What’s my best asset?” My big booty on duty!

  20. I love barre! The new studio is amazing and I hadn’t been able to get to it as much as I had when it was up in West Hilhurst, but I’ve been back at it lately, this punch card would be an amazing push! My best asset? My legs used to be, barre is helping me get them back 😉

Looking forward to reading your comments!