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Singing with Kristina Maria

April 25, 2013

During my trip to the Juno Awards, the opportunity to meet and interview many different musical artists was available.

Now although some talent like Carley Rae Jepsen (whom I would have loved to sit down with) are reserved for the larger media outlets, I was lucky to get the opportunity to meet one of my requested artists, Kristina Maria!

Kristina_Maria_singer_Red_Carpet_MrFab_Juno_Award_2013  (1)

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“She doesn’t look familiar.”

But trust me, not only have you heard several of her chart toppers, you probably know half the words!

You do know her!

Kristina_Maria_singer_Red_Carpet_MrFab_Juno_Award_2013  (4)

Songs like Karma Let’s Play play all day on the radio and then for myself, all night in my head!

She’s so talented she’s even hit #1 in on the ‘Emerging Canadian Artist’ chart on Billboard.com

Kristina_Maria_singer_Red_Carpet_MrFab_Juno_Award_2013  (2)

Now although our meeting at the Canadian Juno’s was short-lived, it was easy to tell that this was one artist that is living her passion and loving every moment of it!

It was a pleasure to meet you Kristina and I can’t wait to see you in concert!

Kristina_Maria_singer_Red_Carpet_MrFab_Juno_Award_2013  (3)

Team ‘Duck Lips’ will re-unite again!

Mr. Fab tina maria

Looking forward to reading your comments!